Meniscus tears

Meniscus tear

s are a common type of knee injury but can do very well when handled appropriately. Many people with meniscus tears will not require surgery, and it is possible to have a tear and have no pain. There are several different types of tears and they can occur in different parts of the meniscus. Due to better blood supply the outer 1/3 of the meniscus has a better chance of healing than the inner 1/3. Even for those with pain and where surgery might be indicated, your surgeon will usually suggest a 3-6 month period of conservative management (exercise therapy being a key component) to see if symptoms and function can improve. If improvement is seen surgery can be avoided. #meniscus #meniscusinjury #meniscusrehab #knee #kneepain #strongknees #exercisephysiologist #exercisetherapy #physicaltherapy #londonpt #physiotherapy #physiolondon #orthopeadic #orthopedics

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