Marathon Runners

Eliud Kipchoge has announced his intention to become the first person to run a sub 2hr marathon later this year. It’s hard to even wrap my head around that. For the rest of us mortals, with the weather slowly beginning to improve, running shoes will be dusted off around the UK. I would encourage those who haven’t run in a while to take a sensible approach to getting back into running. In fact, I would suggest for the first few weeks to forget about distance and time, and go on how your body feels, doing a little less than you think you’re capable of. One of the more common complaints we see with runners is patellofemoral pain (pain at the front of the knee). There is some evidence to suggest that moving to a more forefoot strike pattern, increasing step rate, and slightly increasing forward trunk lean reduces patellofemoral pain symptoms. However, before attempting to alter running biomechanics, ensure you are factoring in adequate rest / recovery, and intelligently programming incremental increases is running volume. I also encourage my clients to change one thing at a time, so, for example, increasing weekly miles and adding speed work into the same week probably isn’t the best strategy. We also know that being stronger helps reduce injury risk, so consider adding some resistance training to your program. Sometimes nothing beats a bit of common sense. #running #runner#marathon #londonmarathon#worldrecord #sensible#exercisephysiology #physio #yoga#londonphysio #londonyoga#kensington #kensingtongym#london #knee #kneepain #mechanics#subtwohourmarathon

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