Cholesterol Awareness Month

Across the UK October has been announced as Cholesterol awareness month! So what is cholesterol and how does it effect our health? An abnormal level of cholesterol or lipids in the blood is referred to as Dyslipidemia. Your blood contains three main types of lipids: * high-density lipoprotein (HDL) * low-density lipoprotein (LDL) * triglycerides

If you have dyslipidemia, it usually means your LDL levels or your triglycerides are too high. It can also mean your HDL levels are too low. Dyslipidemia puts you at a higher risk for heart disease as well as a heart attack or stroke. According to ESSA (Exercise & Sport Science Australia), regular exercise is essential in the management of dyslipidemia and benefits not only lipid levels but simultaneously lowers absolute cardiac risk, chance of heart disease, blood pressure and mortality rate associated with being overweight or obese. At Vitruvian we can help you manage your cholesterol and improve your cardiovascular health through evidence based individualized exercise programs. #health #wellness #healthandwellness#chronicdisease#chronicdiseasemanagement#exercisephysiology #londonhealth#londonfitness #kensingtongym#movewell #livewell #active #activelife

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