Total hip Arthroplasty (replacement)

This study looked at maximal strength training (MST) - leg press and abduction strength beginning 15 days post op vs conventional physio (CP) - low to nil external loads. Outcomes tested were 1RM strength, pain, 6 mins walk test, and hip disability scores. Patients in the MST group were stronger than the CP group at 3 & 6 months post op with levels similar at 12 months. No statistically significant differences were found for pain, 6 mins walk test, or hip disability scores at any follow up. Patients in this study underwent posterior approach surgery. ‘A randomised controlled trial on maximal strength training in 60 patients undergoing total hip arthroplasty’. Winther et al, 2018 #hips #hipreplacement#exercisephysiology #physiotherapy#wellness #function #londonfitness#londonexercisephysiology#londonphysiotherapy

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