10 truths about Tendinopathy Dr Peter Malliaras

1. Rest does not improve tendinopathy - improvement comes with increasing tolerance of the tendon to load 2. Exercise is the top treatment for tendinopathy - exercise is the most evidence based treatment. 3. Modifying load is very important - modification initially of abusive loads can settle pain. From there progressive loading is required 4. Exercise needs to be individualised - based on the individuals pain & function 5. Tendinopathy responds very slowly to exercise - patience! 6. Tendinopathy rarely improves long term with only passive treatments - massage, ultrasound, injections etc 7. Tendinopathy is not considered a classic inflammatory response - anti inflammatories may help with initial severe pain but will not restore tendon health 8. Causes can be multifactorial - the main factor is a sudden change in volume with certain activities. Biomechanics & systemic factors can also contribute 9. Pathology on imaging does not equal pain - Pathology is common in people without pain 10. Pathology is not likely to reverse in most cases - pain & function can improve without full cellular tissue healing #exercise #tendon #tendinopathy#exerciserehab #exercisephysiology#health #wellness #movement #movewell#livewell #vitruvian #anatomy #london#kensington #londonfitness #londonrehab

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